Semakau Island

The island made out of trash.
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Semakau island recycling

Semakau Island is an island man made by the indonesians. at Semakau island they burn the rubbish off in the cleanest way possible. 90% of the rubbish is emmited into gas that is highly filterated into a gas that is cleaner than air. the remainder 10% of the gas is turned into ash and is placed on the island. The island has a big body of water that is seperate from the actual ocean so it wont effect the rest of the ocean. the ash blows around the island into the man made part of the ocean but it is not bad for the enviroment as it has coral reefs that are still growing and is showing no sign of death! On the island there is also a fish farm. the island is incredibly clean, this includes clean toilets witch everyone knows most public toilets are nightmares!
This was one of the last resorts for indonesia as their country is over run by garbage but it is by far the best decision anyone has ever made.

Semakau Island was originally the home of subsistence fishermen living in stilt huts, but was taken over by the Singapore government in 1987 with the object of turning it into a reclaimed waste depot. This made it the world's first offshore landfill, and it is now Singapore's only landfill.